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Wendy Steele

Welcome to Learning Module 6 ? Websites! COMING SOON!

For most of us, a website is really the front door to your Impact100 chapter. People will visit your website for a variety of reasons, and we want them to be able to quickly and easily find what they came for. Your Impact 100 Chapter website is the hub of all of your communications. All roads lead here! Whether you?re posting a link to a blog post on social media, being linked from a news story about the amazing work your chapter is doing, or sending out press releases, your website is going to be the target of a lot of the attention your chapter receives.

In this module, we will provide information on what to include on your site, how to effectively deliver content and information as well as how the look of your site can affect connection.

Having a great website is a big job, but we’ve made it simpler with this module, and, our one-click sample Impact Chapter website (see Resources to download).

Let’s make an Impact!


Next Steps

Here are some things you can do right away to begin understanding what Impact100 could mean to your community:

  • Take the time to truly review this website. Read archived newsletters and check out some of the featured stories from other Impact100 chapters. Seeing how the Impact100 model works will help you better understand the value it brings to your community.
  • Visit Impact100 websites for inspiration. Learn firsthand how communities of every description are benefiting from this movement.
  • Start following Impact100 chapters and the Impact100 Global on social media to stay connected on every platform.


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