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PR & Marketing

Wendy Steele

Welcome Back!

As you review the information found on this Learning Module, take a look at your Board composition to be sure you have public relations and marketing pros on your team. They will shepherd your leadership team through the available options and create content that inspires, motivates and gets picked up by local media.

This Learning Module will walk you through a number of ways to share and promote your Impact100 chapter. To some of you, this may feel a bit uncomfortable. Many women have difficulty with activities that feel like self-promotion, so let me help you there.

I believe wholeheartedly, and data backs this up, that inviting women to participate in philanthropy through Impact100 is a gift to them and to your community. Spreading the news attracts more women to join, which means larger (or more) grants available to your vibrant nonprofit community.

Grab your megaphone and let’s spread the word for Impact!


5.1 Marketing Impact 100 – The Basics
5.2 Who We Speak To, and How to Speak to Them
5.3 Ideal Marketing Channels
5.4 Get Publicity for Your Chapter
5.5 I Need a Sign
5.6 Photographs and Memories


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