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Nonprofit (Grantee) Recruitment

Wendy Steele

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Welcome Back!

Module 9 is all about our community of nonprofits. It’s time to find strong grant applicants and encourage them to apply.

You would think this would be easy, but it takes intentional outreach and effort to consistently receive strong applications across all five of our Impact100 Focus Areas. Just like recruiting members by inviting women to join, it takes the entire team to be sure nonprofits see Impact100 as a viable funding path. This is not something you focus on at start up and then forget, this is a practice you will need to repeat every single grant cycle.

Strong applicants make a Big Impact. Let’s invite them to apply.

With warmest wishes,


Impact100 chapters cannot make transformational grants without committed members and strong nonprofits. Every conversation about membership should also be a conversation about nonprofit applicants for our grants. And every conversation about nonprofits should include discussion of membership.


9.1 Getting the Word Out to Area Nonprofits

Next Steps

Here are some things you can do right away to begin connecting with nonprofits in your area:

  • Begin creating a list of nonprofits in your region.
  • Be intentional about gathering names that fit into each of our five Focus Areas.
  • Reach out to funders in your area requesting their database of nonprofits or guidance on how to gather that information. Learn their funding priorities and explain the Impact100 Model.


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