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Membership Engagement and Recruitment

Wendy Steele

Welcome to Module 4, Membership Engagement & Recruitment,

I have often been quoted as saying, I believe there are two types of people in the world: those who see the needs in this world and realize they can be part of the solution and those who need to be invited to the party. Well this is where you get to invite them to the party!

Or, if you are old enough to remember the classic Faberge Organics Shampoo commercial from the 1980’s with Heather Locklear, who described the shampoo as so good, she told two friends about it. Then they told two friends, and so on, and so on. Spreading the word and recruiting women in your community to join your Impact100 can be quite contagious, in the best possible way.

Let’s make an Impact!


PS: If you haven’t seen my TEDx talk about how and why I began Impact100, take a few moments to view it. You will find a link in the Resources section below.

As your Founding Board continues to add names to the member prospect list, be sure to keep these sheets current and easily accessible in real time by every board member.

Although we recommend each member of your Founding Board complete a spreadsheet, as you add new board members in the coming years, asking them to submit the same sheet would be very valuable as well. Member recruitment and engagement is something you will be working on every single year.


4.1 Where to Begin – How to Talk to Prospective Members
4.2 Recruiting Your Impact Members
4.3 Pro-Tips for Member Engagement
4.4 Making Your Volunteer’s Work Fulfilling and Effective
4.5 Using the Prospect List App in Impact Manager

Next Steps

  • Watch Wendy Steele’s TEDx Talk, The Impact of Generosity. (Or paste in your browser.)
  • Listen to each other or practice role playing, if you think you will be uncomfortable and to be sure your messaging is aligned.
  • Revise the email and script examples to sound more like your voice and your community.
  • Ask for feedback to improve your message or delivery.


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