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Grant Process & Focus Areas

Wendy Steele

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In this Module, we will discuss how the Impact100 grant process works. Our grant review process is rigorous as we work diligently to determine which nonprofit applicants will rise to the top in each Focus Area to become our Finalists.

It will be those Finalists who will vie for our significant grants. Despite the intensity of our grant review process, we constantly hear from nonprofits (even those who have not received our grants!) how valuable the Impact100 experience is for their organization.

Together, we will transform the community through significant grants!


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8.1 The Five Impact 100 Focus Areas
8.2 The Impact100 Grant Platform
8.3 The Impact100 Grant Process
8.4 Impact100 Grant Finalists

Next Steps

  • Although you will find some sample documents here, check back later – and check our Forums -for additional sample documents used by Impact100 chapters. You will see some of these samples housed on the Impact100 Submittable Grants Platform
  • Reach out to local funders and ask for copies of their grant applications and evaluation rubrics.


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