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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Wendy Steele

CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion

Our Promise

Welcome to Module 11!

Impact100 is grounded in the understanding that we are better together. We believe in the collaboration and empowerment of diverse women to ignite transformational change in our communities. Our voice is stronger, our decisions are more informed, and our impact is amplified when we bring together diverse people, each with an equal say in the outcome.

As a collective giving group, we celebrate these principals in all that we do. Both locally and globally, every Impact100 chapter aspires to reflect the communities we serve by attracting members representing every zip code, age bracket, racial & ethnic group, marital status, and experience. Together, we fund powerful, transformational solutions to the most pressing problems we face; but we do not stop there. We also serve as connectors bringing the needs of our local nonprofits to the people who have the resources to help. We lift and celebrate the local leaders and organizations who are working diligently to make a powerful difference in the world.

The persistent inequities across our country and the world underscore our urgent need to address and alleviate racial, ethnic, and other tensions and to promote diversity within our communities. We know that diversity is good for our communities, our Impact100 chapters, and our economy. The data is clear: organizations with diverse teams perform better. We recognize that diversity & inclusion are multifaceted issues and that we need to tackle these subjects holistically to better engage and support all underrepresented groups within business. We know change does not happen overnight but will come through intentional action and commitment.

With this in mind, on July 1, I signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion, committing myself and Impact100 Global Council to advancing diversity and inclusion in our workplaces, communities, and society. This community of more than 1,000 business leaders, representing every industry and sector, is the largest CEO-driven commitment of its kind. The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion aims to rally community leaders to advance diversity & inclusion by working collectively across organizations and sectors. For Impact100 Council, the CEO Action pledge is an important next step in cultivating an environment that supports open and honest dialogue on the complex issues of diversity and inclusion. By taking this pledge, we make a public commitment to action.

Effective immediately, we are launching three pillars of work in this area. Knowing we have a great deal to learn, we are weaving an educational component into each action.

You can expect to receive regular updates and opportunities to participate in this vital work. Please contact me directly to serve on the DEI Committee or to share information or resources aligned with our three pillars of engagement. If you are interested in learning more about the CEO Action pledge, I encourage you to visit On that site, you can also get involved by taking the I Act On pledge, a commitment to driving more inclusive behavior in your everyday life.

Together, we can make a transformational and sustainable Impact by taking action in support of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Effective immediately, we are launching three pillars of engagement in this area. Knowing we have a great deal to learn, we are weaving an educational component into each action. We invite each Impact100 Chapter to join us as we listen, link arms, and lead change together.


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