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Board Development

Wendy Steele

Welcome to Board Development!

We have designed these Modules to be followed step by step, but for the most part, you can skip around these ten Modules, completing them in any order you prefer. This particular Module picks up right where Module 2 left off. If you skipped the second module, I highly recommend you go back and complete that one before digging into this one.

Your experience in corporate America can be very useful as you build and grow your Impact100 chapter, but when it comes to board roles and job descriptions, that experience may not serve you very well. As you work on this Module, being adaptable, creative and even spontaneous can be strengths to gather and build the very best team.

Lead on!

Your Impact100 Board roles and job descriptions will be somewhat flexible. Remember that your board is run by volunteers. Depending on the skill set of each member of the leadership team, certain responsibilities can move around the table a bit.

A good example is the database manager ? this skill often resides with the board Secretary, Governance Chair, the Treasurer or even the Membership Chair. Some boards will create a role exclusively devoted to this important work. Being flexible and asking for each board member to submit an annual skills assessment is a best practice.


3.1 Board Roles and Job Descriptions
3.2 Building the Right Board Culture
3.3 Succession Planning/ Board Recruitment Pro Tips:


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