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Big Events

Wendy Steele

It's time to party with a purpose!

Welcome to Module 10!

In this Module, we take a deep dive into the events that celebrate the Impact100 process in your community. Some might say, we saved the best for last, but I prefer to think that you cannot plan the celebration without fulling understanding the process and the people who brought us to this point.

Congratulations to you and your team for completing all the Modules in Impact Manager. You are off to a great start! Please feel free to revisit any of the Modules, Resources and Next Steps at any time. As you add new Board members in the future, please be sure to have them go through the Impact Manager as part of their Board Orientation.

Even after diligently following this learning portal, we expect you may still be confused or have questions about implementing the Impact100 Model in your community. We understand, and we are here for you. Please check out our Forum, read and subscribe to our newsletter and please contact us with your feedback or questions. We really want to hear from you, so please also share your progress so we can celebrate with you.

This is going to be BIG and we are delighted to be making an Impact with you!

Cheers to your Impact


In addition to our recruiting events, we have three Signature Events each year on the Impact100 calendar. Each serves a specific purpose, and each is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of your members, the nonprofits in your region, and your community.


10.1 The Role of Events in the Impact Chapter
10.2 Recruiting Events
10.3 The Big Reveal
10.4 Meet the Finalists
10.5 Annual Meetings

Next Steps

Here are some things you can do right away to be sure your events are flawless:

  • Cultivate your list of ideal venues. Each event is typically held at different venues around your community. In part, because of the expected number of guests expected and type of event, but also to make your events accessible to members from all areas in your geography.
  • Cultivate your list of service providers and vendors. Knowing you will need programs printed, Impact100 swag or centerpieces for your tables, it’s never too early to consider which organizations you would like to work with. Ideally, utilizing women owned business (Impact100 members) or companies whose values align with your Impact100 chapter are a great place to start.
  • Utilizing local companies you already do business with makes perfect sense. Begin your list – and be sure each board member does the same. These will be valuable resources as your organization grows.


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