9.1 Getting the Word Out to Area Nonprofits

Once area nonprofits realize you are launching your Impact100 group, they will be paying attention. It is never too early to start reaching out to nonprofits in your region to encourage them to dream big about what a grant of $100,000 or more could do for their organization and the clients it serves.

We need strong nonprofits from every Focus Area to apply for our grants each year. Our grant review process is rigorous because we have a fiduciary responsibility to be good stewards of our members’ donations and our grants are significant at $100,000. Cultivating a list of area nonprofits and encouraging them to apply for our grants is vital work.

  • Build an email list that includes the nonprofits on the email lists of your Community Foundation(s), United Way(s), Jewish Federation(s) and family foundations serving your geography.
  • Search the internet for nonprofits throughout your geography and include them
  • Make broad announcements through community forums, Radio, newspaper and email lists encouraging every nonprofit to learn about Impact100 and the grant application process.
  • Ask your members to share the contact information of every nonprofit they support or are familiar with.
  • Include a nonprofit ‘subscribe’ button on your website for nonprofits to connect with your Impact100 chapter
  • Invite nonprofits to come to your website and to your nonprofit training sessions.
  • Host nonprofit trainings in every part of your geography.
  • Encourage nonprofits who did not receive a grant from you to re-apply the next year.

In order to select a strong, worthy nonprofit Finalist in each Focus Area year after year, we need to always be recruiting nonprofits. Like membership recruitment, although the leadership for this effort will reside with a few of your board members, every board member must participate in this effort.