5.3 Ideal Marketing Channels

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In are all valuable vehicles to reach new members and encourage nonprofits to apply for your grants. These free platforms can help you cast a wide net to spread the word about your Impact100. Like and follow other Impact100 chapters and share their news in your feeds. This helps you tell the story during your start up phase and will add to your story once you have successfully launched. Always include a call to action an invitation to join or apply for our grants with every press release or communication.

Local Radio: Your local talk radio, public radio and local music stations are a great platform to share your news about Impact100 and invite listeners to join. An interview is the best, but be sure to also send your events calendar to each station. That way, your news will be mentioned as each station talks about local happenings.

Local TV: Early morning TV often features local people working to improve the local community. Reach out to the producer or anchor of that morning show to pitch your appearance on the program. Be sure and let them know the basics of Impact100, and that it will appeal/benefit viewers across your community. Better still: encourage that TV personality to join Impact100. She will have more connection, understanding and a reason to engage Impact100 leaders on her program.

Newspapers: Make it easy for the paper to include your story by proactively reaching out in advance of days when they may need a story about giving back. Check your calendar and make connections prior to Giving Tuesday, MLK day, Day(s) of Caring, etc. Write letters to the editor telling the Impact100 story. Include photos and website links to make the story more interesting.

Community Email Newsletters: Just like newspapers, reach out in advance. In some cases, having a print-ready article can be a gift to the local newsletter creator. If done well, you may find they insert your entire story unedited. Pictures of women from the community is often an advantage.

Glossy local magazines: These often come out monthly and feature beautiful photos and local people. Your work with Impact100 would be a natural addition to one of their issues. Try to be strategic in your timing and your messaging based on where you are in the Impact100 grant cycle. All press is not created equal – timing and message both matter.