4.3 Pro-Tips for Member Engagement

Impact100 offers our members the opportunity to design their own experience. We are a “no guilt” organization and although there are no volunteer requirements, we know that when our members are involved, they are more engaged and have a better experience. When building a member engagement program, here are some best practices:

  • Many Impact100 groups are tempted to introduce social events into the Impact100 calendar. This can be a very slippery slope. Impact100 is not designed to be a “social” organization, yet members often share they met new friends and solidified relationships with others through their Impact100 experience.
    • While there are many opportunities to network, make friends, and socialize, that is not the sole purpose of these events. By participating on a committee and attending our “Big Three” events, women will feel a part of something much bigger than themselves and make life-long friends in the process.
  • It takes a lot of ‘women-power’ to accomplish the annual Impact100 process and fulfill the mission effectively. Offering a variety of opportunities to connect will broaden the number of women who can serve throughout the grant cycle.
    • Be cautious about over-emphasizing the ‘no-guilt’ component of Impact100, as it may limit those who might otherwise participate at some level. Focus on the fact that your members can “design their own experience.”
  • Encourage participation as the best way to meet new people, connect more deeply with other women and socialize. Impact100 offers varying levels of engagement ranging from:
    • Writing a check to
    • Attending only the Annual Meeting to
    • Attending all three Signature Events to
    • Volunteering at an event to
    • Joining a committee to
    • Leading a committee
  • If you choose to add events, have a strategy to sustain them without interfering with Impact100’s mission either by pulling member attention away from it or by bleeding resources that might be needed to fulfill it.
    • Be cautious of events that might feel as if you are favoring or highlighting a specific Focus Area (or nonprofit) at the expense of others.
  • The best on-boarding of new members includes education about the Impact100 mission and how it’s accomplished so members can quickly see ways they can engage.
  • Make connections through mentoring or the buddy system – assign a 1-1 connection for new members so they have a buddy at events and a place for questions. Creating ‘orientation’ sessions for new and current members to hear the Impact100 Story and share the process can be helpful.
  • Frequent “welcome” communications via email and social media will help connect and educate our members and manage expectations.