4.1 Where to Begin – How to Talk to Prospective Members

Depending on your personality style, you may find the thought of inviting friends and acquaintances to join Impact100 a daunting task. There are plenty of reasons each one of us may find this type of conversation uncomfortable, but did you know that most women are so grateful to understand what Impact100 is and how it works, they will thank you for bringing up the conversation? It’s true.

When chatting with Impact100 members from around the globe, we so often hear the story of how she learned about the organization and who made the introduction. The vast majority of our members are only members – because someone had a personal conversation. Wouldn’t it be great to be that woman The one who introduces a friend, connects a colleague or brings along an acquaintance to an Impact100 event By reaching out to women in your networks, you are empowering her to become a philanthropist or expand her giving in a meaningful way. She will be a part of the Impact100 movement because of your courageous conversation.

Please do not think that you need to be an “expert” in order to introduce Impact100 to your community. Sure, you’ll need to understand the basic Impact100 Model, but do not worry if you cannot remember that the first Impact100 city was Cincinnati or where the first grant award was given. The MOST IMPORTANT part of the story is what Impact100 membership has meant to YOU! Why are YOU on the leadership team or why are you a member. That is truly what your network wants to understand.

Statistics tell us that we must hear something seven times before we really know it. Look around the room at your next Impact100 event, and think about who is missing. Call them up and share your story. Tell them that they don’t need to come to an event in person; there’s more than enough information available online. All they need is a willing heart and a desire to jump into something that will really change the world! They don’t need any special skills; your Impact100 chapter will train them and provide everything they need to join this powerful movement.

You are empowered to spread the word to everyone! A personal ask makes a bigger Impact!