3.3 Succession Planning/ Board Recruitment Pro Tips:

  • Always be recruiting. Take note of women in your community or on your committees who are very engaged or who have the skill sets needed for effective execution of our mission.
  • Very often, our successors in each role are recruited from the committees we chair. Members who are engaged in the work of our committees are very often ideally suited to join the board and take on further responsibility.
  • Invite self-nomination. You may have a rockstar in your midst. Allow them to throw their hat in the ring for consideration of future leadership roles, but all board additions are ultimately selected (and approved by) your board.
  • Build job descriptions and a list of duties/skills required for each board role. Try to include realistic time expectations.
  • Avoid building a board of friends. You need different perspectives and viewpoints, not a group of people who agree on everything.
  • Diversity is vital to your success. It doesn’t happen organically, be intentional when attracting diverse women to your team.