2.5 Combining Your Prospect List with Your Team’s Lists

As your board get seated and you begin the work of recruiting your first members, this stoplight system will also help assign member prospects to each board member. Impact Manager will also be analyzing the stoplight ratings to determine which board member has the closest relationship with prospective members and making “assignments”.

This will become more clear in the “Member Recruitment/engagement” section. As each new board leader is recruited, she must complete the spreadsheet just as each original member has done.

The Impact100’s Impact Manager system has a simple system that assists with this often monotonous task. By entering your individual prospects here in Impact Manager, you can merge your list and those of your fellow board members with a single click.

  1. Enter your 100 prospects into your personal Prospects area of Impact Manager
  2. Click the “Submit and Process” button below your personal list after you have entered your prospects
  3. Your sheet will be merged with the rest of the teams sheets as they are submitted, and Impact Manager will automatically merge and assign contact responsibilities to the individual with the highest-rated relationship to the prospect