2.3 Understanding the Potential in your Prospect List

Once you’ve created your list (complete it by yourself over several days), go back and highlight the names who would be ideal potential Impact100 Board Members. Take note of the skill and diversity each would bring to your table. {Examples of diversity in our discussions: part of town most communities have an “east side/west side” (or similar) identity, race, faith, economic capacity, age, marital status, sexual orientation, retired, white collar, blue collar, stay at home mom, public school kids, private school, home school, “known” community leaders, Junior League, Zonta, new residents, locals, no kids, corporate, entrepreneur, etc} At Impact100, diversity is an asset that must be relentlessly cultivated.

Finally, you’ll need to color-code each name on your list. We use a stoplight system. Red is for people you do not know personally, but are known to you (News Anchor, Mayor, CEO, etc) Yellow is for women you’ve met but do not know well. This also would include people you have lost touch with over time. Green is for your friends, family, colleagues, etc.