10.5 Annual Meetings

The Annual Meeting (often called the Annual Dinner) is the single most important event of the Impact100 grant cycle. This is where our grant recipients are selected as members cast their votes for the Five nonprofit Finalists. It should take place at least three months ahead of your membership deadline for the next grant cycle. Planning the Annual Meeting can feel a bit like planning a wedding there are lots of details.

Pivotal Moment: The Annual Meeting closes out the current grant cycle votes are tabulated and significant grants or awarded and it is the official start of membership recruitment for the following grant cycle. The Entire Board should have already committed to membership in upcoming grant cycle prior to this event.

It typically takes place on a weekday evening (and often includes dinner). As Impact100 chapters grow, this can move to a weekend afternoon, to accommodate a longer program. Unless a significant supporter is retained for this event, members pay for their meal as they register cost of $30-$50 is average price per attendee. Two reps from the Finalists organizations are included free of charge.

Here’s a typical “Run of Show”:

Event: 5:30-9:00 (3-3.5 Hours)

  • Guests arrive and head to a registration/ Welcome table
    • Receive name tag, event folder, and execute Conflict of Interest statement
    • Receive instructions for the event including seating/table assignment
    • Folder (color-coded for member, non-profit Finalist and guest) Includes: Next Grant Cycle Membership commitment form, Agenda, Ballot (members only), schedule of Member Recruitment events, Wish lists of each Finalist, Executive Summaries of each Finalist.
    • Often Chapters provide gifts to members attending the Annual Meeting typically a logo item celebrating Impact100 chapter membership.
  • Appetizers are available. Cash Bar also available.
  • Meeting opens with welcome and outline of agenda.
  • Each Finalists (Order drawn at random) has identical introduction by same volunteer from Impact100.
  • Nonprofit Finalists each make their presentation without PowerPoint or party favors for no more than 10 minutes. {Typically, between 6 minutes and 10 minutes depending on the number of Finalists} Presenters are limited to two no children under 18 and no animals allowed. Strict adherence to the time allotted is followed.
  • In between presenters, Impact100 explains our grant review process.
  • After all Five Finalists present, Impact100 thanks them and explains voting process. We rank each Finalist from 1 (best) to 5 (least favorite) and submit our ballot.
  • Ballots are counted and vote certified by a local CPA firm in a back room while evening events continue.
  • Dinner is served. Slight break in program.
  • President thanks everyone and highlights successes of this grant year.
  • Pitch made for members to join again next year and bring their friends. “Each one, Reach one” is a common theme of growth.
  • Incentive to join that evening is explained and women are asked to commit now for next year.
  • Wish lists are explained and encouraged.
  • Certified results of voting are shared as BIG checks presented to grant recipients.
  • Lots of photos taken as event adjourns.

This event is usually ‘owned’ by Executive Committee and Events Chair, but entire Board is involved.