10.4 Meet the Finalists

Once each Impact100 Focus Area team has selected their Finalists, all applicants are notified of their status. Finalists will know prior to the event that they are one of the five (or more) nonprofits vying for our transformational grants.

Prior to this event, your Focus Area Committees will have selected a single Finalist and your Impact100 chapter (in conjunction with your Finalists) will have created an executive summary for each Finalist that is equal in length, carries the same types of information and explains the way each proposes to spend our grant money.

At this event, we celebrate the great work of our Finalists and introduce them to the community. This event typically takes place on a weekday evening or a weekday morning. It includes a very short program and the opportunity to meet, mingle and learn more about our Finalists. It is often free (but with a cash bar if an evening event) for members, nonprofits and media.

Here’s a typical “Run of Show”:

Event: 90 minutes to 2 hours

  • Guests arrive and head to a registration/ Welcome table
    • Receive name tag and instructions for the event
  • Typically, very light appetizers/sweets and either coffee/tea or soft drinks with cash bar
  • Program (will be very brief) begins at about 30 minutes after doors open and consists of:
    • Welcome celebration of the very high caliber of nonprofit applicants
    • Brief explanation of grant application evaluation process
    • Recognition/Introduction of Five Finalists by Focus Area with a brief statement about each
    • Thank attendees and all who applied or reviewed the applications.
    • Explain Annual Meeting

Of our three Signature Events, this is typically the briefest and easiest to execute. Some Impact100 groups call this a Press Conference rather than an “event” highlighting the role of media in this announcement. The event is usually ‘owned’ by your Grants Chair. If you have an Events Chair, she would also be involved. Exec team (and Board) would play a role in planning/approval of event date, location, etc.