10.3 The Big Reveal

This is an event designed to celebrate our members and their commitment to Impact100. It should occur approximately three weeks after your membership cut-off date. These three weeks allow the board to collect every possible payment from women who have said they were joining, but haven’t yet provided their full annual donation.

Leading up to the Big Reveal, the exact number of members joining the chapter in that grant cycle is extremely well guarded. Only the board (who is sworn to secrecy) can know the number. It is the element of surprise that makes this event exciting for members and for the media.

This event is typically a weekday evening. It is often free (but with a cash bar) for Impact100 members, nonprofits and media. Here’s a typical “Run of Show”:

Event: 5:30-7:30 (2-2.5 Hours)

  • Guests arrive and head to a registration/ Welcome table
    • Receive name tag and instructions for the event
    • Often they will also receive a form (pre-filled with their contact info) to indicate their volunteer preferences
  • Appetizers are available. Cash Bar also available.
  • Each Focus Area Committee and Administrative Committee has a table with the chair/co-chair explaining the duties & responsibilities of that committee along with a calendar of meeting dates and locations.
  • Pro tip: Be sure your Focus Area Committees meet at different times of day, days of the week and parts of town. Some members will choose their committee based of Focus Area interest, others will select based only on scheduling availability.
  • Program (will be brief) begins at about 6:00-6:15 and consists of:
    • Welcome celebration of generosity and Impact00
    • Thank you so much for taking part it will be great for community.
    • Include history of Impact100 in your community and beyond.
    • Explain “design your own experience” aspect of Impact100 membership setting expectation that a variety of ways to get involved will be offered throughout the Impact100 grant cycle.
    • Explain various volunteer opportunities and direct to tables around the room from ‘very active’ to ‘one & done’ experiences.
    • Inform about nonprofit information sessions where and when. Ask attendees to spread the word to all area nonprofits.
    • BIG REVEAL: Find a creative (Photo-worthy) way to announce total dollars raised. Cheers! Celebrate!
    • Time to chat, celebrate and connect before the end of the event.

This event is usually ‘owned’ by Membership Recruiting/Engagement. If you have an Events Chair, she would also be involved. Exec team (and Board) would play a role in planning/approval of event date, location, etc.