1.4 Hello, My Name Is…

Deciding on a name is an important step in establishing your Impact100 chapter. To begin, there are some basic guidelines. Your name begins with Impact100. Using the Impact100 name brings the full strength of our well-established brand directly to your community. Impact100 has a proven track record of empowering women to transform their communities through significant, pooled grants in five Focus Areas.

So, your name will be Impact100 PLACE. This is where you can be creative. Are you Impact100 CITYNAME Or Impact100 COUNTYNAME Perhaps Impact100 AIRPORTCODE or Impact100 NICKNAME is more your style? Whatever you choose, be sure it carries a positive connection to your community and encompasses your entire defined geography.

Once you select your name, be sure to secure the domain name (or URL) that matches the name you have selected. We will have more on this in later modules.